Handrail Finishes
Custom Welding - Metal Paint Finishes

"I returned to a customer's home 11 years after a previous remodel,  to find the rails in great shape with only a small amount of up maintenance needed. Everything was in great shape"-T. Womack

       Custom Welding of Williamsburg Virginia offers paint finishes for it's decorative iron gates, iron railings, ornamental wrought iron railings.  Please review option 1 - 4 shown below to decide on the finish that best suits your needs.  



    We use "Sherwin Williams DTM Gloss Paint", which includes a rust inhibitor, no primer necessary. The rails receive two coats of paint in our shop before installation. Touch up upon installation.

OPTION # 2 -- UPGRADED PAINT JOB. First we use one coat of "Sherwin Williams DTM Bonding Primer", then we use two coats of "Sherwin Willims DTM Gloss Paint". This process extends the life of your paint job, requiring less maintenance. (THIS PROCESS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL COLOR JOBS.)

OPTION # 3 -- POWDER COATING (For low to no maintenance.) First we fabricate your rails in our shop, then we field fit each rail & alter as necessary, next we transport your rails to a local powder coating company.

This Option will add an average of 4 weeks to the project lead time.

**Peninsula Custom Coaters- where the powder pigment & resin are sprayed onto the rails, then electrically charged so the powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surface of the rails until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven -- then the finished rails are installed.

Typically we use a Satin finish with this method.  There is no difference in look. Only in maintenance.

CUSTOM PAINT & POWDER COATING COLOR OPTIONS: Our paint and powder coat companies can match any interior or exterior color. We either need a paint sample -OR- the Name & Number of the brand of paint we need to match.

Guilding paste, color match available for an Additional $ 32.00 per foot


For the most part, rails can be touched up about every TWO to THREE years. However, we recommend touching up any rusting areas as soon as you notice them. First sand them down.To repaint the rails in their entirity. int using "Sherwin Williams DTM paint. For smaller areas you can use "Rustoleum" Paint.

A Verdi Green paint job is available.  Price will vary based on quantity of railing